CPT Cordell R. Hachinsky Tactical Officer/ Pre-Ranger Instructor L Troop 2-16 CAV Regiment

2LT Jacob Day was a member of my 2012 pre-Ranger selection program. His overall performance was exemplary. LT Day possesses a great work ethic and is always respectful of his peers and superiors alike. LT Day received the highest average ranking out of anyone in my selection program. Comments made about him included: “highly motivating and ingreat shape, he has really impressed me”, “consistently helps his peers”, “physically fit and tactically proficient”, “great in all aspects”, “squared away and fit; always positive and motivational”. 2LT Day was truly a pleasure to teach and instruct. He is well respected by his peers and cadre alike for his work ethic, quality of character, motivation, as well as his superior performance throughout the course. I highly recommend 2LT Day be offered the opportunity to attend Ranger school where I have no doubt he will find success.