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"Jake is a confident and independent-minded young man who is well-educated and trained for leadership, along with practical town planning experience. I believe he will work collaboratively but with a dogged determination and independent mindedness, undaunted in his efforts to do the right thing for the higher purposes of our community."

- Joe Gilmore, Vice President, Sales Perdue Farms, Inc.

"Jake Day has the vision, desire and qualifications to tackle important issues to move any community in a positive direction. Jake is a man of character, integrity and courage. He has the education, resources and ability to make the right decisions. We are fortunate this young man decided to return home to the Eastern Shore."

- Todd Grier, President R.D. Grier & Sons

"Jake is a leader who can work with key stakeholders to attract new businesses. He has the professional skillset to help us define a vision for the revitalization of our community’s core."

- Tom Knorr, Founder Southern Boys Concepts

"2LT Jacob Day was a member of my 2012 pre-Ranger selection program. His overall performance was exemplary. LT Day possesses a great work ethic and is always respectful of his peers and superiors alike. LT Day received the highest average ranking out of anyone in my selection program. Comments made about him included: “highly motivating and ingreat shape, he has really impressed me”, “consistently helps his peers”, “physically fit and tactically proficient”, “great in all aspects”, “squared away and fit; always positive and motivational”. 2LT Day was truly a pleasure to teach and instruct. He is well respected by his peers and cadre alike for his work ethic, quality of character, motivation, as well as his superior performance throughout the course. I highly recommend 2LT Day be offered the opportunity to attend Ranger school where I have no doubt he will find success."

- CPT Cordell R. Hachinsky Tactical Officer/ Pre-Ranger Instructor L Troop 2-16 CAV Regiment

"Jake Day is a man of honor, which is all too rare these days. Day is positive, an effective communicator and has an exciting vision for what Salisbury can be."

- Tom Brown, NFL Super Bowl champion Defensive Back and MLB Outfielder

"Jake Day is without doubt one of the most highly qualified individuals ever appointed to the Planning Commission. No one need take my word for it, one only need examine his resume and his record of service to our country and our community. I look forward to many great contributions from Jake."

- Rick Pollitt, County Executive, Wicomico County

"Jake has set his mind to education, leadership, service and to other aspirations in the past and accomplished them with notable success. He is an independent-minded young man with the education, experience and leadership skills to work to improve his community and the Eastern Shore."

- Jim Perdue, CEO Perdue Farms, Inc.

"Jake Day has not only youthful energy but experience in governmental cooperation, a positive attitude, a lifetime of living on the Shore and trained military leadership."

- Tom Becker, AIA Founder Becker Morgan Group

"Jacob is a truly visionary leader -- a consensus builder without ego. In the decade I’ve known him, he’s geared his life towards giving back: to his community through volunteerism, to his profession through the Center for Towns, to his country through his service in the Army. In particular, his work in the Delmarva Peninsula to create more livable, sustainable communities serves as a model across the nation, and, of course, as an incredible resource at home."

- Trinity Simons, AICP Director, Mayors’ Institute on City Design

"Jake Day commits himself fully to every project he undertakes. The results are always remarkable. Day’s professional life continues his record of excellence. He moved back to his hometown even though his impressive resume ensured options almost anywhere. He has fully embraced the life of this community. I would love to serve with someone of Day’s experience, energy, principles and talent."

- Barrie Tilghman, Former Mayor City of Salisbury

A Letter From The Candidate

I was born and raised here in Salisbury and have seen firsthand the challenges this fine city faces. I know from experience that we can overcome them, and leave our children and grandchildren the kind of community they deserve. I bring a genuine desire to move our City beyond the disagreements that have led to gridlock.

The vision I share with many of you is of a Salisbury that shines as Delmarva’s cultural, economic and transportation capital; a model for other Shore communities. I am not a seasoned politician, but I do know that it’s easy enough to articulate a vision but hard work to make it a reality.

I have the practical experience and leadership to work with fellow council members and the mayor to implement our vision of a more vibrant and safe Salisbury. You can find my detailed plan for implementing that vision here. Together, we can rebuild the Salisbury we love and deserve. I am ready to do my part. My name is Jake Day and I ask for your vote.

About Jake

Jacob R. Day, Assoc. AIA is an urban planner, Army officer and candidate for Salisbury City Council. Jake was born and raised in the Camden neighborhood of Salisbury, where he lives and owns a home today. He has served the City as a Planning Commissioner and Board of Housing Appeals Member.

Jake earned a Master of Science in Nature, Society & Environmental Policy from Oxford University where he graduated with distinction for his dissertation. He also earned a Master of Urban Design from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Maryland.

Jake has spent his career revitalizing downtowns and making them more vibrant, livable places. He has worked for the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, most recently as the Director of the Center for Towns. The Center for Towns is a program utilizing design, planning and implementation assistance to establish vibrant, sustainable small cities and towns on the Eastern Shore.

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