My vision is that the City of Salisbury will shine as the Delmarva Peninsula’s cultural, economic and transportation capital.


        • Restore Pride to Salisbury
        • Restore Prosperity to Salisbury
        • Continue the Renaissance in Salisbury


Leadership requires vision, planning and action. Over the past two and a half years I hope I have proven to you that I am equipped with and capable of all three. As Mayor, I will be committed to action from Day 1. I promise to work collaboratively and collegially with the City Council, the County, the State, neighbors, businesses and all residents of the City.

Before I ran for Council, I crafted a plan to show you the specifics of just how I propose to do achieve this vision. This plan is intended to be flexible and adaptable. I have updated my plan to reflect our many accomplishments over the last several years – and to include the programs and projects that I have determined are necessary over the course of the last few years working for you.

See the whole plan. Click to Download